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4月13日,202三年FIBO國际健身会所健美及康体制裁对策展览会在传统科隆做好,建伟力 携多个2016研发团队功较应邀列席,与环球国际田径喜爱者,共赴嘉会。

On April 13, the FIBO 2023 was held in Cologne, Germany. IMPULSE was invited to attend with multiple latest products.



用作FIBO几年群成员,建伟力 凭仗全球“创新科技”的罕见品味,为寰宇企业客户供求关系更多德育课的休会,又一次赢得专业性人土奖饰。

As an old friend of FIBO for many years, IMPULSE with the unique charm of "intelligent manufacturing" provides higher quality experience for global customers, and has won praise from professionals again.



建伟力 新货齐出战


All IMPULSE products on display

"Made in China" is praised by the world


建伟力 新材料技术感实足智慧运动知识、活气意浓的标摊个人规划,让環球出展听众人前一亮。

每一次FIBO展,建伟力 携2017最新研究开发副作用先内的全系终产物高贵冷艳表决心,是指了MS攻效训练方法架、XSC700楼梯平台机,杰出典范款型FE97、IT95、SL,和上手级IFP款型…多品项全面着花。

The Intelligent fitness machines and vibrant booth design from IMPULSE shines all over the show.

This year’s FIBO show, IMPULSE brought full range of products, including MS functional series, XSC700 Stair climber, FE97 series, IT95 series, SL series and entry-level IFP series, ETC.


Mega Space为气血体能训练练体育场馆供应者专业课程化、功郊项更强和定制网站化的RACK气血货物补救筹划。MS功郊练架并能知足竞技游戏练中间商、专业课程商用机组织和专业课程化目标室对专业课程化奥林匹克气血练的东西的可以。IMPULSE offers specialized, more functional, and customized RACK strength product solutions for strength and conditioning venues. MS functional training racks can meet the needs of competitive training centers, large commercial clubs and professional studios for professional Olympic strength training equipment.



XSC700楼梯扶手机,是建伟力 研发管理技术团队和美式思路师针对开发,定向高端定制商用机股票市场的X产品系列新有氧终有机物。该终有机物为心肺设计和上双下肢肌群市场出清了好关心的话,还才可以换代国际惯例打羽毛球、登山等勾当对上双下肢造成 的核心区负担。建伟力 只望以更静谧保持不变的终有机物,赐与的客户较好的凭借休会。

The XSC700 stair climber is a new X series aerobic product for the high-end commercial market jointly developed by the IMPULSE R&D team and American designers. The product provides excellent stimulation to the cardiopulmonary system and lower limb muscle group, and can improve the joint stress of regular running, climbing and other sports on the lower limb. IMPULSE hopes to provide a better experience to customers with safer and stable product.


建伟力 当红女星产品IT95全系列在高效性皮实的可以上风其实上,增强了行业练习题的追求,进级建设多倍皮实、极致的产品合理布局。


Based on IMPULSE’S star product IT95’s efficient and durable performance advantages, we strengthen the series for professional training and upgrades the product structure to create a more durable and comprehensive structure.

IT95 has a comprehensive product line and an extremely beautiful appearance. The entire series adopts double-sided shroud, sturdy steel pipes, and refined welding, making the overall design more fashionable and safe.





Building a digital health ecosystem

Promoting the Revitalization of Traditional Industries


建伟力 是知名锻炼身体培训家长财产的确立者,代谢物包罗锻炼身体培训商品、防真雨雪、康体制裁的措施、勾当园地等,发卖系统化笼盖寰球另一个之地和地区性,为锻炼身体培训剧乐部、三星级旅店、企私服奇迹单元测试和家长小我等供求全坐向全工艺流程数字化安康处置预计。

IMPULSE is a pioneer in the domestic fitness industry, with products including fitness equipment, simulated ice products, fitness facilities, sports venues, etc. The sales system covers multiple countries and regions around the world, providing comprehensive and full process digital health solutions for fitness clubs, hotels, enterprises and institutions, as well as families and individuals.


2017年8月,建伟力 登岸厚交所,股票涨停代碼002899,为我国身体健康地方职业首股。202五年,建伟力 迈入了“四次再就业”元年,标新立异驱动器经典式钱财向大信息化和网络化、收集整理化、自动化化、纯天然化优化,建设方案大数字化安康模样圈,让经典式职业抖擞干劲儿。

In September 2017, IMPULSE landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 002899, becoming the first IPO Company in Chinese fitness equipment industry. In 2023, IMPULSE will build a digital health ecosystem to revitalize traditional industries.


疫病淡去,春暖花盛开。展销会上,受到面的相等,实实在在的休会,进一点拉进了建伟力 与环球旅游潜在客户间的重视干系。

After COVID-19, the face-to-face communication and experience at the FIBO Show further enhance the intimate relationship between the IMPULSE and global customers.



Creating higher quality fitness equipment for those who love sports



HALL6 A67展台设计,

April 13-16, Exhibition Centre Cologne, Germany


建伟力 恭候您的惠临。

IMPULSE are looking forward to your visit.